How will the $BSI token revolutionize the Global Tourism Industry?

Bali Social Integrated
3 min readAug 20, 2021

The global tourism industry is one of the biggest contributors to the global GDP and employs over 77 Million people worldwide. It acts as the primary source of revenue for several cities and is an important part of day-to-day life. However, the existing tourism sectors are prone to unfair practices that result in monetary losses for travelers and service providers.

Blockchain technology has the capability to digitalize the entire tourism network and provide better economic opportunities. Bali Social Integrated is leading the charge by creating a blockchain-based platform where travelers and service providers can interact directly, ensuring safe and fair practices.

Who is Bali Social Integrated?

Bali Social Integrated is a disruptive platform designed to eliminate the intermediaries from the tourism industry. These intermediaries charge a hefty fee of up to 20% from the customers to provide them with services. These additional charges can increase the total expense significantly. Bali Social Integrated allows the customer to book services such as airline tickets, hotel bookings, rental vehicles, leisure activities, etc., directly without any hidden charges.

BSI Token

Bali Social Integrated uses the BSI token for this purpose. $BSI is an ERC 20 token that integrates with Vaije, the business line for offering cost-efficient solutions. Users can convert their fiat currencies to BSI tokens and store them in Viaje to use them across its network of affiliated stores. BSI token only charges 0.5% to 1% conversion fee if the customer wants to use fiat in the Viaje network rather than BSI tokens.


Bali Social Integrated has designed a robust tokenomics model that helps it achieve its goal of digitizing the tourism industry.


Why should you buy BSI Token?

BSI Token is a revolutionary token that provides utility in the relatively untouched blockchain tourism. It operates on ERC 20 standards to ensure transparency, flexibility, and scalability while ensuring cheaper and faster transactions.

The BSI token is a great investment opportunity as the platform rewards HOLDing with more tokens that can be exchanged on Uniswap. It can be a great opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and participate in a revolutionary platform in the tourism industry.

The BSI token has exceptional use cases within the ecosystem as well, such as,

  • Booking Airline Tickets
  • Shopping at affiliated stores
  • Paying for Leisure and travel activities
  • Renting electric vehicles and paying for recharging stations
  • Purchasing Food and Drink
  • Booking Hotel
  • Making reservations and payment for integrated services

BSI token is going live on Uniswap on August 30th, 2021, and the pre-sale will also begin shortly.

Bali Social Integrated is a disruptive platform that is giving the tourism industry a much-required makeover. For more information about Bali Social Integrated, visit

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