BSI’s Eco-Friendly Program Supporting Sustainable Tourism

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4 min readSep 13, 2021

Cryptocurrency has easily become the order of the growing world and is gaining vast embrace and acceptance by countries of the world. Some of these countries have gone as far as promoting the cryptocurrency by making it a legal tender. For instance, El Salvador will become the first country to make bitcoin legal tender and has its digital wallet in place.

This widespread attention means the future of cryptocurrency looks shiny and different organizations are churning up projects and concepts to fit into different aspects of the crypto revolution. Some of these blockchain projects have projects involving crypto games, music, finance, and most recently, tourism.

The tourism industry is one of the most important contributors to global GDP, employing about 77 million people globally. It is a major source of money for some communities and an integral element of everyday life.

Bali Social Integrated is another voice echoing in the revolution. BSI is a blockchain-based tourism platform with the sole aim of optimizing the global tourism space with its eco-friendly projects. Despite how digitalized the world has become, travel remains an essential part of human life, and the team at BSI has ready blockchain developers and crypto enthusiasts working productively to make travel and tourism a delightful experience.

Sustainable tourism is a multi-faceted process that involves various goals and problems. The introduction of disruptive technology such as blockchain may be able to assist in overcoming some of the problems and achieving the aims of sustainable tourism development, and this is where BSI comes in.

BSI capitalizes on the cross-chain potentials in the blockchain space to link travelers with their service providers, eliminating any cumbersome procedure that might have been involved. Since the cost of working with intermediaries is removed, travelers can enjoy a pleasant experience at a low transactional and operational cost.

Bali Social Integrated has created a service ecosystem that is both reliable and transparent. This eco-friendly program is based on a transparent, tamper-resistant, and incentivized approach using BSI, its primary utility token.

For sustainable tourism that is both fun and affordable, the BSI token plays a huge role. It serves as a key component in the platform’s development of a world tour payment system that is suitable for all types of international travel.

The BSI special program

BSI has its eyes set on playing a huge part in global transformation by supporting sustainable development growth and entering into a strategic partnership to ensure the availability of clean and affordable energy. BSI hopes to contribute to sustainable tourism by providing affordable and clean energy, which can only be achieved if the systems are effective, cost-friendly for the society to use. The blockchain technology which backs the BSI token can make all these happen.

The partnership between BSI and eco-friendly company Viaje would have a profound effect on society and ensure sustainable tourism. Furthermore, this collaboration would help expand the green ecosystem in tourism, and with BSI, other firms and parties who contribute to the environment can be incentivized.

The BSI token would serve as a reward system for all who play their part in ensuring that the environment is better and travel is safer. For more information about Bali Social Integrated, visit

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About Bali Social Integrated

Bali Social Integrated is a revolutionary blockchain-powered platform with an aim to rectify the inefficiencies of the tourism industry. The current scenario is ruled by the intermediaries that charge exorbitant amounts of fees for connecting customers with service providers.

However, Bali Social Integrated tackles these inefficiencies by creating a platform where global customers can directly interact with service providers. BSI is powered using blockchain technology’s scalability and interoperability, making it transparent and more efficient. The platform offers a blockchain-powered payment solution that helps users to pay directly using BSI tokens or convert them into fiat currencies with the help of Viaje, a business line by BSI.

Bali Social Integrated is a disruptive platform that is giving the tourism industry a much-required makeover. For more information about Bali Social Integrated, visit

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