$BSI Token on Coinsbit — 24 hours before the Listing!

Bali Social Integrated
2 min readSep 9, 2021

After the successful listing on HotBit, Bali Social Integrated is here with another significant achievement in its bag with the listing of the $BSI token on Coinsbit. The $BSI token has been making waves in the blockchain-based tourism industry and has come up as the project to look out for. However, as Bali Social Integrated has just started, the best is yet to come.

With the listing of the $BSI token on Coinsbit, the $BSI token will get a step closer to becoming the go-to platform for all blockchain-based tourism requirements. The listing on Coinsbit will take place on September 10th, 2021. After the successful launch of the $BSI token on Uniswap, the website, and Hotbit, let’s get ready for the listing on Coinsbit.

Why Coinsbit?

Coinsbit is the largest crypto exchange in Eastern Europe and has over 2 Million users with an estimated daily transaction volume of $2.5B. The exchange offers a variety of services, including fiat gateways for six fiat currencies, including EUR and USD, paired with secured deposit methods such as VISA and Mastercard. Coinsbit is one of the fastest exchanges with a processing speed of over 10,000 trades per second and 1,000,000 TCP connections.

Moreover, Coinsbit ensures the safety of its users with the help of cold storage vaults and a Web Application Firewall that detects and blocks hackers. Coinsbit resonates with the ideology of Bali Social Integrated to promote crypto adoption among retail users. The platform has listed various promising crypto and blockchain projects in the past, with Coinsbit being one of them.

About BSI Token

Bali Social Integrated is a disruptive tourism platform built and developed on blockchain to improve the sub-par standards of the global tourism industry and eliminate the transactional and operational costs to a bare minimum.

The $BSI token plays an elemental part in the Bali Social Integrated ecosystem as it is used as the primary medium of the transaction within the ecosystem with the help of Viaje across its network of affiliated stores. The token is used for the payments of services such as booking airline tickets, hotel reservations, and booking tourist activities. Also, the platform incentivizes token holding and staking using several incentives, making it a great investment tool.

As the project develops, so will the utility and the use cases of the $BSI token, making it a sustainable source of investment.

Token Details

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 BSI

Official Website: https://bsin.io/

Smart-contract: 0xeb50455805ebf8396d9177bbc4a371a376d00ecc

Contract address: https://etherscan.io/token/0xeb50455805ebf8396d9177bbc4a371a376d00ecc

Listing Details

Start of Deposit: September 10th, 19.00 GMT +7

Start of Trading: September 10th, 21.00 GMT +7

Initial Trading Pairs: BSI/USDT