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Bali Social Integrated
3 min readAug 19, 2021

The tourism industry is one of the highest-grossing industries in the world that has seen a significant increase in traffic since the introduction of the Internet of Things. Now, travelers can pre-book their entire trip beforehand using the internet and avail of several services such as booking airline tickets, hotels, activities, etc.

However, the existing situation benefits the intermediaries the most and increases the costs for travelers, and reduces the profits for service providers. These intermediaries can charge up to 20% on a transaction, making it a problem to be addressed.

Bali Social Integrated is a revolutionary blockchain-based tourism platform that aims to optimize the entire tourism industry and create a mutually rewarding network for global travelers and service providers. Bali Social Integrated eliminates the intermediaries from the mix and gives the power back to the travelers and service providers.

Bali Social Integrated is powered by its native utility token, BSI, which operates using ERC-20 standards. BSI token in collaboration with the Viaje payment network opens up new opportunities for the ecosystem.

Bali Social Integrated is already making waves in the tourism industry with its robust functionalities. But it is just the beginning as Bali Social Integrated has prepared a detailed roadmap, according to which the platform will slowly unveil several services and products.


Bali Social Integrated has completed the first phase of the roadmap that included team building, launching Whitepaper, platform design, and developing a travel-sharing platform. Here’s how the future of Bali Social Integrated looks like:




  • Platform design and technical demonstration
  • Digital currency payment gateway integration
  • Registration system prototype development



  • Established Indonesia corporation
  • Partnership agreement
  • Registration and payment system finalization test



  • Launched electric motorcycle system pilot in Bali
  • Finishing test of registration & payment system
  • Establishment of Balinese corporation
  • Bali corporation MOU
  • Establishment partnership local corporation
  • Listing on Global Exchanges



  • Listing on Local Exchanges
  • Developing payment systems currency exchange
  • Establishment of Payment System through Collaboration with Other Projects
  • Developing credit system


Q1 — Q2

Community Benefits

  • Listing on Global Exchanges
  • Expansion of use through camping travel service contract
  • API module advancement
  • Ethereum Token Support
  • Prototype published and linked to Ethereum Blockchain with real-time scanning

Q3 — Q4

Accelerate Growth

  • Listing on Global Exchanges
  • Finishing the test of the credit system
  • Expanding other tourism services except for short-rented accommodation
  • Establish a global user base


Accelerating Performance

  • Providing blockchain support for more than three tourism service applications
  • Integration of third party controllers
  • Marketplace cooperative module

Bali Social Integrated has put a lot of effort and thought into planning the company’s future while keeping the customer demands and market trends in mind.

About Bali Social Integrated

Bali Social Integrated is a revolutionary blockchain-powered platform with an aim to rectify the inefficiencies of the tourism industry. The current scenario is ruled by the intermediaries that charge exorbitant amounts of fees for connecting customers with service providers.

However, Bali Social Integrated tackles these inefficiencies by creating a platform where global customers can directly interact with service providers. BSI is powered using blockchain technology’s scalability and interoperability, making it transparent and more efficient. The platform offers a blockchain-powered payment solution that helps users to pay directly using BSI tokens or convert them into fiat currencies with the help of Viaje, a business line by BSI.

Viaje can be used in Bali for several services such as renting electric motorbikes, transactions at convenient stores, charging spots for electric vehicles, etc. Apart from creating a global network for customers and service providers, BSI also offers additional advantages such as reducing operational and transactional costs, improving customer experience, and transparent business ratings.

Bali Social Integrated is a disruptive platform that is giving the tourism industry a much-required makeover. For more information about Bali Social Integrated, visit

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