Bali Social Integrated Trading Competition on Hotbit

Bali Social Integrated
2 min readSep 17, 2021

Bali Social Integrates is a disruptive tourism platform on blockchain designed to address the inefficiencies of the tourism industry. Bali Social Integrated is powered by the $BSI token that acts as the lifeline for the ecosystem by facilitating payments and services.

Recently, $BSI token was listed on Hotbit and Coinsbit after going live on Uniswap. The public launch of the $BSI token saw a lot of participation from investors and traders. Bali Social Integrated decided to reward the traders and investors by conducting a trading competition on Hotbit.

What is $BSI Token?

Bali Social Integrated aims to connect global travellers directly with service providers by utilizing blockchain technology. The $BSI token plays a vital role in the ecosystem by facilitating cross-border transactions at minimal costs compared to fiat to fiat conversion fees.

Also, $BSI is used as the primary transaction medium for all services offered by Bali Social Integrated in association with Viaje Network. The token can be used to pay for services such as booking airline tickets, hotel reservations, and booking tourist activities. Moreover, BSI incentivizes token holding and staking by offering several rewards.

Token Details

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 BSI

Official Website:

Contract address:

Trading Competition

The trading competition is being held on Hotbit and will follow all the rules as all trading competitions hosted by the crypto exchange. To participate in the event, $BSI token holders must trade using the token between September 22nd to September 29th on Hotbit.

After September 29th, Hotbit will check the trading volumes, including buy and sell volumes of $BSI token and select the top 10 $BSI traders. These traders will receive free $5000 worth $BSI tokens after the winners are announced.

Trading competition detail

Start Date — September 22nd

End Date — September 29th

Prize: $5000 worth of BSI token

Total Winners — 10 winners

This trading competition by Hotbit is an excellent opportunity for investors and traders to get their hands on some free $BSI tokens!

About Hotbit

Hotbit is one of the most popular crypto trading platforms founded in 2018, with over 700,000 registered users. Hotbit has a broad reach spanning over 210 countries with a foot in the emerging markets of Russia, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, and several Southeast Asia countries.

Hotbit regularly conducts trading competitions for up-and-coming blockchain projects to incentivize participation. Hotbit is one of the most reputed and trusted crypto trading platforms.

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