Bali Social Integrated (BSI) Token Sale on Uniswap!

Bali Social Integrated
2 min readAug 19, 2021

Bali Social Integrated is a disruptive blockchain project developed to streamline the tourism industry. The tourism industry is riddled with several inefficiencies such as miscommunication, segmented resources, intermediaries, etc. Bali Social Integrated aims to remove all these inefficiencies and use blockchain technology to create a rewarding platform where travelers and service providers can interact directly.

Bali Social Integrated offers a utility token BSI, an ERC-20 token, that is going live on Uniswap on 23th August 2021. Bali Social Integrated has chosen Uniswap for the first token listing because of its distinctive features and liquidity. Also, the decision to launch the BSI token on Ethereum Network was a strategic one to utilize the blockchain’s scalability and interoperability, and to build future use cases.

How does Uniswap ensure fairness?

Uniswap has quickly become the go-to crypto decentralized exchange as it lists almost all DeFi tokens and coins. An AMM (Automated Market Maker) exchange works differently from a CEX (centralized exchange) and ensures fairness and transparency.

Uniswap, instead of placing trader’s digital assets on order books, relies on sellers and buyers to facilitate the trade by automating the whole process. AMM exchange has a better track record of being transparent, fair, and immune to hacks and glitches. Also, as Uniswap does not require KYC, it lets the traders make anonymous trades.

Uniswap depends on liquidity pools to provide traders with assets. It uses an automated algorithm that divides one asset of a pair to a liquidity pool by the corresponding one in the pair. Also, the crypto-asset exchange happens between codes written into smart contracts to ensure that custody of the token remains with the trader itself.

Why did BSI choose an ERC 20 token?

An ERC-20 token is developed on the Ethereum blockchain and can be adjusted according to the native ecosystem’s requirements. ERC-20 token also has the inherent advantage of enabling dApps and cross-chain interoperability because of the presiding blockchain network.

Bali Social Integrated chose the ERC-20 token as its underlying protocol resonates with the company’s ideology to offer cheaper, safer, and scalable services.

BSI Token Sale

BSI token sale will begin on 23rd August 2021 at 15:00 GMT +7 and will mean more opportunities for token holders. Investors will be now able to purchase the tokens directly through Uniswap and enjoy several benefits that come with it.

Investors can purchase the BSI token using MetaMask or any other ERC-20 compatible wallet and ETH currency and store them directly in their wallets.

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